Dr. Ken Berry's YouTube Video Discussing Dental Diet w/ Dr. Steven Lin, DDS. KEEP Your Wisdom Teeth

Updated: May 29, 2020

My wisdom teeth are gone and I am honestly sad about it. My older girls do not have their wisdom teeth either, but my three younger kids do. Is it possible that they can keep from having their wisdom teeth removed? How about cavities? I know I have some mercury fillings I would like to have removed.

What if I was taught from birth to eat the Dental Diet? Would it have saved my wisdom teeth or all of the fillings I have? I have even had surgery on my gums.

I found this video discussion intriguing. I already use Redmond's toothpaste made with bentonite clay and NO fluoride. I used to make remineralizing tooth powder. It contained bentonite clay, calcium/magnesium powder, baking soda, stevia leaf powder and then I add some essential oils for the flavor I want. My kiddos loved sweet orange. Sometimes I would mix orange and lemon and called it Sugar Bug Tooth Scrub and the kids went crazy over it.

I actually prefer the way Redmond's makes it as a paste because it seems less messy.

Aside from the proper mouth maintenance, I highly suggest watching this video and eating the proper diet. It all makes sense.

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