July 4th Keto Hot Dogs and Chili

Since becoming keto I usually watch my family eat their foods on bread. I always give them the choice. I have been eating my hot dogs with chili and slaw without bread and then I saw Maria Emmerich making hot dog buns in her airfryer. I knew I had to make them. Maria's Keto Comfort Cookbook is one of my first keto cookbooks and I still use it today. I lost 61 pound in 11 months eating a lot of the foods in her books. You should follow her on Facbook and get ALL of her cook books. I will list them on my resources page as well.

I will link her video below. I just buy Nathan's hot dogs and cook them in my arifryer or on the grill. Sometimes we wrap them in bacon.

I buy coleslaw bags at Publix and just add Primal Kitchen Mayo ( I like the Chipotle Lime), apple cider vinegar, kombucha, salt, pepper and a few drops of Now Stevia Liquid or Pyure. I don't have specific measurements as I just make it to my liking. Get creative with a mayo you love and as sweet or spicy as you like. Sometimes I add Franks Hot Sauce.

For my chili, I make it to my liking also. I buy a couple of pounds of ground chuck 80/20 because I like the fattier meat. I do NOT drain it. I use all the juice. I buy all of my spices from Penzeys. They are the best. You have to get their cocoa and make keto brownies. OMG!!!

Sometimes I saute a small yellow onion in bacon grease or whatever fat I have. I then brown the meat and add chili powder, onion salt, garlic powder, Primal Kitchen Ketchup (this is a game changer for my chili), spicy mustard, salt, pepper, a touch of oregano and Franks Red Hot Sauce. Oh, if you like a sweeter chili, add Swerve Brown Sugar replacement. To me, it is even better the next day so make it a day ahead if you wish. I even eat it in a bowl without anything else at times.

So there is your hot dogs, chili and slaw. You can add other toppings that are keto approved. My grandmother would've added chopped raw onions.

Here is the video of Maria and her amazing children making the dough for hot dog buns. I had to get this psyllium husk powder because the one she suggested was out.

Summer goodness!!!

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