Paleo - Keto Electrolyte Water

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

I try really hard to get my electrolytes from my food. Anyone that does keto knows how important it is to get your electrolytes in. I have danced around with carnivore and love how simple it is, but found myself miserably constipated while doing so. I am one of those sensitive people who have to have things done just right. That means keeping my electrolytes in control in my body. If not, I experience hypoglycemia and feel as if I am going to faint and get really nauseous.

I am not a doctor so take my advice with a grain of SALT! Ha! No, seriously!

When I suffered from constipation I researched everything I could find. I was already drinking Natures Calm every night. It worked for a while and then stopped. I still drink it because I sleep much better with it.

I found an article that talked about electrolytes. I was trying to get what I needed from my food, but that can be tricky. So, I wanted to at least get some when I started my day. I found a company that sold packets with sodium, magnesium and potassium in them. Then I saw the price of the little packets and decided to make my own. I had to look a little deeper to see what types of magnesium and potassium they were using and was not happy with the choices.

I use Bulk Supplements brand that you can find on Amazon. It is free of all the added ingredients you don't want. I will link you to what I use in the ingredients. Sometimes you have to play around with different types to see what your body absorbs the best. Mine just happens to be magnesium glycinate, potassium citrate and I love Redmond's Sea Salt. I use fresh organic lemons from the store. I keep one in my fridge and slice a piece of daily. After I drink all of my mix I just keep adding water to it throughout the day and it is amazingly delicious. Reminds me of lemonade.

One of the main ingredients of course, is water. I love local spring water. You can use this website to find a local spring near you. Or, you can use tap water. I am not against it. I just like the clean taste of spring water. I keep BPA free 3 and 5 gallon water jugs to collect the water in and it's free. Then use glass at home to drink your water and no water bottle waste. I am all about taking care of Mother Earth!

If you get the powdered magnesium and potassium like I do, you may want to get a Milligram Scale to measure it with. It is affordable.

Here is my electrolyte water recipe.

Paleo - Keto Electrolyte Water

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